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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cloche Collecting

Do you cloche collect? If you don't, you should! Cloches have become extremely popular in decor vignettes! Why?

They are classic in shape and a no fail, simple, simple way to feature your favorite collectibles, blooms and seasonal finds.

They instantly frame what they feature and add elegance and a designer touch to any decor whim you may have in mind. I love them because they allow us to instantly be successful at creating! It's just really hard to go wrong in your design ventures when using one of these lovelies.

Historically, decorative bell jars were common in the Victorian period for the display of clocks and taxidermy and as a transparent dust cover.

Courtesy of Pam Posey Pinterest
Look at the variety in what you can collect and achieve with these!

Have you noticed that garden cloches resemble a big bell?  Well, that’s because the word “cloche” actually comes from the French language meaning “bell”. 

You may remember the "cloche hat" that became popular during the 1920's. It's name was also derived from the French word and fitting to its bell shape.

 Join us on Pinterest Country Villa Decor at We Cloche Collect to see more ideas and cloche inspiration. We would like to thank the owners of these photos that are credited at Pinterest.

Garden cloches are simply covers for your plants to keep them safe from the rants of mother nature and her critters.

The cloche shape has influenced other decor accent designs and the subsequent ways to feature foods and blooms .

For Spring vignettes and Country Cottage Decor, feature a nest and eggs in your cloche design! I recommend finding eggs with natural colors such as those pictured. You can find the nest and eggs for sale in our COUNTRY VILLA DECOR ONLINE BOUTIQUE.
Find Emily's Nest above www.countryvilladecor.com

Find Nature's Colors Eggs Set at www.countryvilladecor.com

We have another shipment of these arriving soon!

Courtesy of The Decorated House

And....once again the same Bird Cloche I have featured over and over again with different accents.

Basic glass cloches can be purchased separately or with a feature plate as seen below. We carry a wide variety of most of the cloches you see pictured in this post in our ONLINE BOUTIQUE AT COUNTRY VILLA DECOR. www.countryvilladecor.com CLICK

These can be purchased in our ONLINE BOUTIQUE at www.countryvilladecor.com. Consider a separate bell jar as pictured here to the right as your first collection piece! The reason why I would do this first if you don't own a cloche piece yet is that you can use it on MOST of your favorite plates, bread boards and shelves. This is our most popular bell jar and comes in 3 sizes! I have used this cloche pictured in photos in this post. You can dress it up or down from nautical to wedding celebrations!

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Courtesy of Pam Posey Pinterest

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