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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fresh Horses

Autumn in the Applegate is a spectacular experience here in Southern Oregon. My husband Brian and I nearly nightly take a drive through the Applegate Valley in our convertible. With crisp fall weather chilling our faces in the wind we soak up the vivid colors and refresh our souls after a long day at work.

On this particular excursion the sun was setting and the "golden hour" was clearly working its magic in the landscape.  In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset when the daylight takes on a softer hue of red. Sunset golden hour is my favorite time to shoot because at this time I most often find the mood I'm looking for and the voice in my photograph.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rogue Winterfest 2013 in Grants Pass, Oregon

Recently I had the privilege of attending the "set-up session" for ROGUE WINTERFEST located in Grants Pass, Oregon.  This is Josephine County's largest holiday festival and is held every year at Evergreen Federal Bank's Bear Hotel. Each year, this incredible event brings our community together to help support our Rogue Valley's mental health organizations, specifically FAMILY SOLUTIONSKAIROS  AND OPTIONS FOR SOUTHERN OREGON.

Rogue Winterfest hosts the popular Gala Event and Grand Auction featuring a breathtaking selection of uniquely decorated trees, artwork and other outdoor displays.  In addition, family activites take place during the Weekend Holiday Event followed up by the Culinary Christmas Classic which brings the celebration to a delicious close featuring tastings from Southern Oregon's finest dining establishments in the midst of a thrilling silent auction. This event has been described as the "best event in Josephine County!" A Golden Social is also offered for the senior community.

Aside from the fact that this amazing gala event has raised over $400,000 for the above mentioned healthcare agencies I am fascinated by what I observed among the countless volunteers, artists, decorators and local businesses that came together to make this event not only a fundraising success but a "love" success in my book. What do I mean by this unique collaboration to help improve our community's overall health? Just that, LOVE.

Simply by perusing the pictures in this post you will see evident that love and hope live strongly in our Grants Pass and Rogue Valley community. As I only witnessed a fraction of the time spent planning this event I could nearly palpate the countless hours that must have gone into preparation for these incredible displays of invention and creativity.

Enjoy the following photographs of one of my personal favorites in the 16 plus Christmas Trees and Art Exhibitions each lovingly fashioned from each creator's desire of his or her heart.

The following photographs feature the Christmas Tree entitled THE TANGLED TINSEL TREE FARM, WINNER OF "BEST TRADITIONAL" and sponsored by Edward Jones - Brian Sachs.  The talented designers of this showcase are Heather Sachs and Carol Loftesnes. Each are pictured during their hours of preparation to make this display one-of-a-kind. 

As quoted from the Rogue Winterfest Auction Program, "This scene reminds us of families gathering together for the adventure of finding the perfect tree: that magic bit of a winter wonderland we bring into our home each year. Hot cocoa, a sled, and a dusting of snow set the scene for this lovely vintage-inspired vignette of Christmas joy"

Designer and local Grants Pass artisan Heather Sachs takes in the final scene as she contemplates the last minute touches necessary to make their display perfect in every way.

A vintage sled, blanket, ice skates, truck, cloche and tinsel adorn the winter scene.
Carol adjusts the vignette to scale and balance in the display. I enjoyed so much watching 
their expertise in action.

Heather carefully prepares each item set into the scene.

Many aspects of this joy-filled scene could certainly be used as post cards! I am so tempted for next year but will need their permission.

The backdrop was hand-painted by local artist Carol Loftesnes pictured below.

And, the final product to be auctioned off at the GRAND TREE, ART AND VACATION AUCTION....
this gorgeous display has a value of $1200. Thank you Edward Jones - Brian Sachs, Heather Sachs, Carol Loftesnes and Gigi Ashley, Event Coordinator and Sue Price, Event Planner for allowing me to join you in this fabulous work of love you create for our Josephine County ! It was a pleasure to document your service to our community family. God Bless Us, Everyone !


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chris Hart Studio, A Pearl in Southern Oregon

Recently I had the privilege of photographing Chris Hart Studio in Grants Pass, Oregon. For years I have been shopping at this amazing venue for not only Chris's own distinctive creations as she is an amazing and very accomplished artist  but an incredible assortment of stylish, hard to find in the valley embellishments, vases, soaps, lanterns, urns, indoor / outdoor landscape items and other seasonal specialties.

I particularly enjoy her Christmas display as you will not only FIND those hard to come by gifts you are seeking but EXPERIENCE her amazing ability to draw you into the Christmas season with her decorative style and subtle nuance that is akin to aromas that mesmerize the soul. 

I not only find my shopping experience relaxing but also filled with laughter and joy as it's such a pleasure to visit with other local shoppers in a unique "studio" atmosphere with a classic flavor and style.

Chris has the ability to bring to mind suggestive ways you can create your Christmas dream come true atmosphere in your own home. She not only creates displays and vignettes that spark the imagination but she is willing to help you with your own ideas using her distinctive items on display.


Over the years I have not only used her studio as a "mom-time escape" but also a place to gather one-of-a-kind items for my decor adventures. I can ALWAYS find something that works and if I am in doubt as to its placement in my space, Chris has provided her expert advice to cheer me on or steer me in another direction. When I decorate I look for distinctive pieces as focal points to a room and her studio is my "go to" shop.

Chris Hart Studio Hours : Visit the Studio May 9th thru December 28th, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Click here to visit her website  Chis Hart Studio

Enjoy the pictures in this post as a small taste of what you will "experience" at this incredible venue and pearl in our Southern Oregon Rogue Valley. Put this on your list of "must do and see" in your Grants Pass, Oregon visit ! You will not be disappointed.

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